It's a small prototype that you can use, the goal was to make a program that generated a fairly specific "token". That is to say that in the token there is: the amount and the security.

Functioning :

when we want to generate a token, we enter the value we want and generate a token which is structured as below:

(Inverted value) + (safe)

It is composed of 16 or 17 digits: 8 digit my the amount and 8/9 digit for the security, the security is generated by contribution to the amount so that without the security formula, it is impossible to change the amount if not the token will not be valid.

When the token is generated, for its to add the value by checking if it is correct, just take the first 8 digits (the amount) and apply the formula. If the result is the same as in the following 8/9 digits, then we add the amount and we fill in the token in a table so that we can use it only once.

Thank you for those who will be interested in these project and I hope that it will help other people!

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